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Sorare, Inter also becomes part of its Fantasy Football on the blockchain

More and more football clubs are turning to digital assets

Also 'Milan International, team participating in the Serie A of football Italian, has become part of the Fantasy Football of Sorare.
The CEO of the transalpine company announced the agreement between the counterparties, Nicolas Julia. Thanks to it, the game is enriched with 26 new stickers including those that portray some stars of international football such as Romelu Lukaku, Achraf Hakimi and Lautaro Martinez. Destined to increase the satisfaction of Sorare users.

Romelu Lukaku Inter - Sorare, Inter also joins his fantasy football on blockchain

Sorare: what is it about?

Sorare is one French startup which has focused heavily on the popular fantasy football game, proposing a version on the blockchain di Ethereum which is also enjoying considerable success on the Italian flag. The game, in fact, in our country advances with a monthly average of 36% of new registrations.
A success that is not exactly obvious, despite the fact that traditional fantasy football has managed since its inception, in the final part of the past millennium, to attract hundreds of thousands of football fans, ready to compete in crowded tournaments. Giving way to Sorare di grow exponentially and attract new funding aimed at favoring an increasingly relevant affirmation. Also leveraging the potential audience represented by football fans, notoriously very numerous and willing to spend in order to finance their passion.

An increasingly important success

Currently more than 100 teams have signed agreements with Sorare. While over 50 thousand people play with his fantasy football, exchanging 5 million cards, for a monthly equivalent of about one million dollars.
Each player on the market prepared by the game is available with free and unlimited "common" cards, in 100 copies, with "rare" cards, in 10 copies, with "super rare" cards and in a single "unique" card. A few months ago a "unique" card depicting the Paris Saint Germain striker Neymar was exchanged for the considerable amount of 26mila U.S. dollars. An eloquent testimony of the real fever that characterizes the Sorare players.

How the Sorare Fantasy Soccer works

How does Sorare's Fantasy Football work? In practice, each player can bring their own formation to life through five cards. However, it is mandatory that the proposed team see the presence of specialists of certain roles, for example the goalkeeper, a defender, a midfielder and a forward. Once the formation is composed, you can access the tournaments, where rewards can be obtained, for example in the form of new cards, and titles.
The fantamanagers, in turn, are ranked based on the performance of their players on the pitch and the bonus points related to the value of their cards. It is precisely the rarity of the cards that make up the formation, adding to the actual performances of the real players in the matches of each week, to give life to the overall performance.

Sorare is attracting substantial funding

Trusting in the growth in popularity of his fantasy football, Sorare has just given birth to a round of financing led by the Californian venture capital fund, which has attracted a large number of companies. Among them Partech, Fabric Ventures and Semantic Ventures, which have decided to trust the transalpine startup, thus allowing it to capture over 4 million dollars. A figure that will be precious in future development plans, naturally focused on Fantasy Football, as recalled by Nicholas Julia in a recent interview.

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