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Soulja Boy recommends buying Dogecoin

The contacts between the world of music and cryptography continue

The rapper Soulja Boy (aka Soulja Boy Tell 'Em) has shot a video in which he recommends buying Dogecoin, the token born from a meme that has now become famous, in which a dog is depicted Shiba Inu.
If in this case it is a commercial shot upon payment, it should however be emphasized that the artist is absolutely no stranger to the world of cryptocurrency. Already in 2018 he composed a song entitled "Bitcoin", in which he described his use of the cryptographic icon invented by Satoshi Nakamoto.

Soulja Boy - Soulja Boy recommends buying Dogecoin
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - JUNE 12: Soulja Boy attends the Epic Games Hosts Fortnite Party Royale on June 12, 2018 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Greg Doherty / Getty Images)

Soulja Boy video

“Yo Dogecoin Army, it's going down man. Make sure y'all tap in for Dogecoin, man, it's gonna be the crypto of the future. Dogecoin is the people's coin. Let's go. It's your boy, Soulja Boy ”: these are the words spoken in the video shot by the rapper for Cameo, a service which allows the publication of paid messages read by celebrities.
A way like many to pump Dogecoin, which however confirms the ever closer link between cryptocurrencies and popular music stars. Favored by the need for the latter to find alternative sources of income, at a time when Covid prevents concerts and other forms of interaction with fans.

Soulja Boy is just the latest star to talk about virtual money

Over the past few months, a large number of music stars, particularly rap, have been talking about cryptocurrencies. Among the most famous, and committed to this, they should be remembered Lil Yachty, who launched his YachtyCoin, Lil pump, which in turn gave birth to PumpCoin, Megan thee stallion, who donated a million dollars in BTC on Twitter in collaboration with Cash App, and Dre london, combined with the Fyooz platform for crypto initiatives.
Without counting Akon, which has even given life to a wide-ranging project such as Akoin. It is a token-based service aimed at providing millions of Africans with tools to manage their assets, which they currently lack. A project so good that it pushed Bittrex to include it in its negotiations. And to represent a serious competitor for M-Pesa, thanks to significantly lower transaction costs.

Dogecoin, Elon Musk's favorite cryptocurrency

Dogecoin thus returns to make headlines, at a time when its listing has allowed it to reach 37th place in the market capitalization ranking. It is not the first time that the token has made headlines, considering that its community had already made itself known in 2014, when it sponsored a car participating in the NASCAR championship and raised the funds to allow the Jamaican bobsleigh team to participate in the Sochi Winter Olympics. Initiatives to which were added those aimed at the construction of a water collection basin on the Tana River, in Kenya, and to support the Family House association, in California.
To increase its notoriety was also the continued support from Elon Musk. Tesla's founder has never hidden his sympathies for Dogecoin, so much so that he was indicated as the ideal CEO of the project during a joking referendum on the network. In line with the mild attitude that has distinguished fans of the token since its debut.

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