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Stellar Lumens is moving towards Protocol 15

The decision follows the failure of Protocol 14

La Stellar Development Foundation has proceeded to release a very surprising, but extremely important update for users of the blockchain publishes Stellar Lumens.
If, in fact, the release of the update intended to implement the Stellar Protocol 14, the SDF has decided to skip this phase on foot and go directly to the next Protocol.
To recommend this move was the practical update failure, within which some critical bugs have been found, prompting the team to go directly further. A rather surprising stretch, but one that seems entirely logical.

Capture 7 - Stellar Lumens moves towards Protocol 15

Stellar Lumens: what happened

The testnet at the end of September, which should have given a response in relation to Protocol 14, essentially ended in failure. The identification of some bugs has in fact convinced the Stellar Development Foundation to postpone the planned update, going directly to Protocol 15. Which will then be the subject of the vote for updating the network, which has been moved to Monday 23 November.
In practice, Protocol 15 is the result of the moves that have been put in place to avoid damage from the bugs identified. An operation which was performed in the past 20 October precisely with the intent to avoid confusion and to verify that all validators are running the updated version of Stellar Core.

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Stellar Lumens: the new roadmap

The news announced by SDF has naturally led to a reworking of the stages indicated above for the development of Stellar Lumens.
The new features will then be tested on the mainnet on November 23rd. The developers naturally requested the cooperation of the users, urging them to update the system with version 15.0.0 of the Stellar Core and v1.10.1 for Horizon users.
Versions which, according to the Stellar Development Foundtion, would be compatible with previous ones and which will continue to support the current version of the Stellar protocol. At the same time it was recommended to anyone who hasn't done so install a version that supports Protocol 14.

The main changes

In a separate version, the two new features that Protocol 15 will bring to Stellar Lumens have meanwhile been revealed. That is the features Claimable Balances (Claimable Balances) e Sponsored Reserves (Sponsored Reserves).
Once the planned distribution of the update is finished, the new features will allow the applications and services that use Stellar to take on a more attractive appearance in the eyes of users.
All this without the prerogatives of decentralization, convenience and speed that have been the salient features of the Stellar Lumens blockchain since the beginning.

The expectation of the community is growing

Now all that remains is to wait for the welcome given by the community to the new version, to understand its effective validity.
The curiosity is naturally a lot, considering the very particular moment of the crypto sector. The many innovations that are affecting some of the most important protocols, starting with Ethereum, in fact, risk to deal a serious blow to projects which should rest on their laurels. A consideration that was certainly also made by the Stellar Development Foundation. At least according to the decision not to stop after the failure of Protocol 14, but to go directly to the next phase. Which in intentions represents one hub of great importance in the life of the token.

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