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Steph Curry asks for advice to start investing in cryptocurrencies

The ace of the Golden State Warriors has also converted to digital assets

Also Steph Curry, one of the best players of the National Basketball Association (NBA), the largest professional basketball league globally, has decided to invest in cryptocurrency. He revealed it himself, in a post published on Twitter, in which he asked his fans for some advice to be able to do it better. A request that was soon met by real heavyweights in the industry, starting with Michael saylor, the founder and CEO of microstrategy.

Steph Curry - Steph Curry asks for advice to start investing in cryptocurrencies

Michael Saylor's answer to Steph Curry

“Steph, I spent more than a thousand hours considering this question and chose bitcoin. So far, I have purchased more than $ 3 billion in BTC because I think it's the future of digital property. " This is the answer given by Saylor, adding that the guard of the Golden State Warriors can send him requests for help at any time.
An answer that certainly could not go unnoticed, considered as Saylor is one of the most well-known supporters of Bitcoin. So much so that Microstrategy has accumulated just under $ 5 billion in BTC by February of this year. While in April the company announced its decision to pay its board members their fees in digital cash. And, again, in July he stated his intention to sell $ 400 million in corporate bonds with the intent of buying the correspondent in token.

Not just Saylor

However, Microstrategy's CEO wasn't the only big name on the scene crypto to respond to Curry's call for help. Also Crypto Cobain, another popular cryptocurrency commentator on social media, and Alex Gladstein, who holds the position of chief strategy officer at the Human Rights Foundation and a big supporter of Bitcoin, did not hesitate to do so.
Among the responses received, also that of Frances Coppola, a financial columnist known for his staunch opposition to cryptocurrencies. Which responded to the NBA star's request with a simple word, such as not to admit replies: "No".

Golden State Warriors and digital assets

It should also be noted that the team to which Curry has linked his professional history, i Golden State Warriors, have in turn already come into contact with the world of cryptography. Specifically launching in the spring of this year a collection of NFTs (Non Fungible Token) which summarizes the most important moments in the history of the Californian franchise. Starting naturally from the six titles won, four of which thanks to the precious hands of Curry and his specialty, the three-point shot.

The NBA is increasingly attracted to cryptocurrencies

Curry and Warriors are just the tip of the iceberg. Relations between the NBA world and digital assets are increasingly intense, as evidenced by the many initiatives promoted in this regard by teams such as Cleveland Cavaliers, Sacramento Kings, Dallas Mavericks and others.
While with regard to the stars of the league, the initiative of Jalen Suggs, young emerging of the Orlando Magic. Which portrayed in the form of NFT the moment in which he exploded in exultation after throwing the shot from halfway with which his team, Gonzaga, beat UCLA in the California stage of March Madness, or the US university tournament, one of the major sporting events of the year. A decision that makes it clear that the relations between professional basketball and digital assets are now ready to take off for good.

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