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Strike allows you to receive your salary in Bitcoin

Strike announced the launch of a new feature that will allow its users to convert their paychecks into Bitcoin. This function will therefore allow workers who wish to collect their remuneration in cryptocurrency, with a simple click.

Contrary to similar services already existing in this sector, however, instead of collecting the salary in fiat currency and, only afterwards, proceeding with the conversion into BTC, Strike will allow users to convert directly to BTC using the original paycheck value. The function, called "Pay Me in Bitcoin“, Was announced Thursday and is one of Strike's efforts to make BTC more available to its users.

Moreover, it is certainly not the first time that we talk about Strike in recent weeks. The company has in fact risen to the fore for having helped El Salvador in its path of adopting Bitcoin as a legal tender, and is also a popular cryptocurrency-centric payment processor that allows users to receive and pay in BTC.

That said, with the new Strike functionality it completely bypasses the need for employers to adopt and process employee payments in cryptocurrencyinstead, giving employees the ability to decide whether they prefer to convert their paychecks into fiat currency or cryptocurrencies. This also means that employees are not limited by the payment options their employers use - it doesn't matter which company the employees work for, as they can always choose to have their salaries deposited in Bitcoin.

Strike's announcement of its new “Pay Me in Bitcoin” feature also comes just weeks after that Coinbase has launched a similar feature. In the announcement post, Coinbase mentioned that their clients are now able to deposit their fees directly into cryptocurrencies to facilitate their trading activities and just like Strike, simplify the process of converting users' money into cryptocurrencies.


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