What is Tezos

Tezos is not just one thing but two, it is in fact both a full-fledged cryptocurrency and a decentralized computing platform, which was born with the primary intention of offering support for applications and smart contracts. The official symbol that identifies the financial market criptovaluta Tezos is XTZ. It is a cryptocurrency with many interesting features, let's see what we can consider as the main ones:

  • This digital currency has Proof-of-stake consent.
  • It also has a formal verification of the code by the developers.
  • It foresees real votes to decide the changes to the protocol.

Although there is no doubt that it is a cryptocurrency that at the moment we can define as emerging, or that has not yet established itself but is growing in a very positive way, it is the one that currently has the best technology within this category.

What is Tezos used for

In addition to being a cryptocurrency in all respects, and therefore linked to all those operations that relate to digital coins, XTZ was born with well-defined objectives that are the result of the work of the developers. In fact, Tezos has been designed with special attention to two elements which within the financial transactions are real pearls, namely the absolute correctness of the code and high reliability. To facilitate the formal verification we have Michelson, his native language dedicated to smart contracts. For those who are not very experienced in this topic, it is a methodology that is used very frequently in mission-critical environments, and by this we mean highly sought-after sectors such as the aerospace, nuclear and finally semiconductor industries.

Tezos is minable?

This question can be answered that XTZ can be mined thanks to the verification protocol of Tezos which is the Proof-of-Stake, which unlike the Proof-of-Work protocol used by Bitcoin is much more advanced. This means that complex machinery is not required for mining, and more importantly, a large expenditure of electricity is not required, which is a major concern for those who wish to mine with cryptocurrencies. There is no need to add anything else, as this aspect shows us that it is possible to scale the network more easily, without causing a problem of any kind to the environment that surrounds us, and without requiring to do impressive work to go and assemble equipment more expensive than necessary to mine tokens with XTZ.

Tezos price

Il Tezos price you can see it on the dedicated page while below the situation at a glance.

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Tezos News

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