Cosmos ATOM

What is Cosmos

Cosmos (ATOM) is a very recent reality, which has become famous to investors thanks to a positive and extensive review done in recent times by Binance.

In this case we are faced with something not only innovative, but in front of what is a real system among the most powerful, scalable and interoperable of connected blockchains.

It is a decentralized network of parallel and completely independent blockchains, which are powered by Tendermint and also by other Byzantine tolerance algorithms, or what in the original language are known as Byzantine Fault Tolerant algorithms.

What is Cosmos for

Cosmos aims to solve one of the main problems that exist within the world of cryptocurrencies, namely the fact that traditional blockchains do not communicate with each other. In addition to this, those who know what we are talking about well know that other problems present are characterized by the fact that such blockchains are difficult to build and can manage only a small amount of transactions per second.

To solve these problems Cosmos places itself on the cryptocurrency market with a decidedly new technical approach, fielding a 3.0 blockchain that goes beyond the limits of blockchains 1.0 (which concern, for example, classic Bitcoin) and blockchains 2.0 (which concern, for example, Ethereum). .

In practice, the creators of Cosmos have the primary objective of facilitating the work of developers, who are grappling with the creation of new blockchains that must overcome the barriers that exist between the various chains, thus allowing carry out any type of transaction between them.

Is Cosmos ATOM mineable?

One of the things that investors pay attention to when dealing with cryptocurrencies is whether or not they are mineable. What can we observe about Cosmos? Is mining feasible?

The answer is yes, and there is a special calculator to do this. This Cosmos ATOM mining calculator goes to work in a very simple way, and it exploits the principle of obtaining different inputs which are related to what is the configuration of the mining hardware.

We basically apply the mining algorithm on it and calculate the amount that is generated. The procedure is very practical and does not appear difficult at all, so it is within the reach of even those who are less experienced.

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