Bitcoin Cash

What Bitcoin Cash News

Bitcoin Cash is what is technically called a hard fork of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency. It is basically a project that developers do by detaching from that originates, making a copy of the primary source code and going to develop completely new software.

To be clearer, this is not a carbon copy, nor a parallel project with the primary currency, but rather the decision of the developers of the new digital currency to follow a different path. The reasons for this can be many, the important thing is to be careful when choosing to be aware that there are no links between the two digital currencies.

What Bitcoin Cash is used for

Bitcoin cash was born for a very simple speech, to obtain results different from those that are possible with the classic digital currency, and on which the developers had long had innovative ideas.

Here today Bitcoin cash arrives on the cryptocurrency market with the aim of freeing up space in the blocks, and it does so by removing some parts of the transaction.

Bitcoin cash, is used to obtain an increase in the number of transactions that can be processed, but not a much higher and far-reaching purpose, in fact, the final aim is to increase the number of transactions to the point of reaching equal, if not exceed, those which are currently managed by very famous payment platforms such as Visa or PayPal. All this by doing a simple operation, that is to further increase the size of the original blocks.

Bitcoin Cash is minable?

With over $ 7 billion in market cap to its credit, Bitcoin Cash ranks third among what are now minable cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin Cash we saw that it was born from a hard fork of the most famous digital currency ever, namely Bitcoin, and to achieve its objectives it increased the block size to 8 megabytes. Since it is therefore a fork of a coin that is minable, or Bitcoin, this too is.

In order to do this, it uses the same system used to mine Bitcoins, or ASICs for SHA-256, which are already known and therefore easy to use. As we have seen, although it uses the same procedures and the same systems as the original currency, Bitcoin Cash is a sort of evolution, therefore it allows you to do more operations than the classic cryptocurrency.

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