What is Cardano

Cardano is a platform present on the net that allows thanks to its systems to be able to run the blockchain for a cryptocurrency called ADA.

It is a particular digital currency, because at the moment for its characteristics it is able to be supported only by a particular software called Daedalus, and moreover it can be operated with it through a single online trading platform which is eToro , which has software that can support it. This broker offers investors the opportunity to buy the Ada cryptocurrency without any commission, and very importantly in a simple and quick way.

What Cardano is used for

Cardano we have seen to be a platform thanks to which it is possible to act on the market through a cryptocurrency linked to it called ADA. But what are the aims of this platform? Here are some of the many things that are possible through it:

  • Accounting separation and calculation articulated on different levels.
  • Possibility to implement some core components through what in technical jargon is called modular code.
  • Possibility to put to work a team of developers who, through the principle of healthy competition, always lead to discovering new solutions to improve the entire system.
  • Possibility of having the advice of interdisciplinary teams available, among which we can report that of InfoSec experts, who are one of the highest aspects of the entire system that governs Cardano and its reference cryptocurrency which is precisely ADA.
  • Exploration of all those elements that are part of the social sphere that concerns commerce in general.
  • Finding a path that can be followed in order to allow a correct interaction with the regulators, all this without compromising the fundamental principles that cryptocurrencies have and which are a sort of inheritance coming from the progenitor of cryptocurrencies which is Bitcoin .

Cardano is minable

The possibility of mining with Cardano is there, but it cannot be done as it happens for the other cryptocurrencies that allow this operation in a simple way even if you do not yet have it.

For Cardano, the discussion is different, that is, to create new ADAs, it is necessary to already have other ADAs in possession. So if what we want to do is undermine this digital currency, we must first proceed with the procurement of ADA in a classic way, and then proceed with the mining of those we have.

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