What is ChainLink

With the LINK cryptocurrency of the ChainLink platform we are facing something incredibly innovative, which goes to work in a direction that until now no one had yet considered. That is, the platform in question creates a system that actually wants to bridge a gap that has always existed in the world of digital coins, the one that concerns the gaps between smart contracts between the virtual blockchain and real-world applications. It is therefore a very ambitious project that is carried out by this platform, which makes use of excellent developers and the fact that it can count on investors who are always looking for new opportunities to develop their portfolio.

What is ChainLink for?

What mission does ChainLink face in order to conquer the cryptocurrency market and the operations inherent in them? Those who are experts in this topic will know without a shadow of a doubt that applications are generally outside of blockchains.

The cryptocurrency linked to the platform, which is called LINK, goes to use tools that in technical jargon are called oracles, and which have the task of going to find and then verify the real data, and then bring them into the chain in a way that can be integrated into smart contracts. A different type of approach to the complex system of cryptocurrencies within blockchains, but which in reality has been proving for some time already functional and not at all complex to understand and practice.

To go into detail of what the actual system is, let's say that this platform allows people who want to get data out of the blockchains, to forward a request contract to the network managed by the platform, which then goes to process these requests in their own contracts.

Can ChainLink cryptocurrency be mined?

We have come to ask an important question, the answer of which concerns most of those who are experts in cryptocurrencies and who are used to going beyond the usual simple transactions. Let's clearly talk about the possibility of mining with the LINK cryptocurrency.

It is a digital currency that can be mined, but which uses an unknown algorithm, and which presents a security protocol which, even in this case, is an unknown datum, so it is not a type of operation that people who cannot do have some experience in cryptocurrencies.

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