What is Dash

To define Dash we must enter a completely different world from that which characterizes the other cryptocurrencies, as this was born to be different from the others.

Not only that, the entire project that navigates around it is different from those of the main digital coins that are known such as Ethereum and Bitcoin. We can say that Dash is is a development platform that uses electronic money that is decentralized and aimed at what peer-to-peer exchanges are.

For the purposes for which this electronic money is intended, it also intends in some cases to be liquid in comparison with the real circulating currency that circulates in the countries of the world, but which due to its very varied nature could also be easily opposed to the currencies that are found for example in online trading platforms.

What is Dash used for

Let's go into more detail of this cryptocurrency by going to observe what the digital currency in question is aimed at, which in addition to having excellent features that are very similar to those that Bitcoin has, also puts three other interesting features in the hands of users additional features:

  • One of the main features that Dash presents is that of being able to carry out instant transactions (InstantSend).
  • Another feature that is very interesting is that of private transactions (PrivateSend), an aspect not common to the major cryptocurrencies in circulation.
  • Last aspect but certainly not for degree of importance, is that related to the management of an autonomous and self-financed model that allows the network of this cryptocurrency to go and pay the figures who can perform a particular job in order to give value to the network itself. The decentralized system of governance is the aspect that makes Dash a real autonomous decentralized organization.

Dash is minable?

We come to one of the topics that most interests some figures operating around cryptocurrencies (what are called miners), or whether Dash is a minable currency or not. We have seen what the structure and purpose of this digital currency is, which differs enough from other types of coins.

Despite this, Dash also provides the possibility of being mined, even if there is a maximum limit of coins available, just like with the Bitcoin cryptocurrency.

The only aspect is that to do this, you need expert people and powerful tools, as its deflationary mechanisms are decidedly different and the mining system is less rapid and simple than that for other digital coins.

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