Nem Xem Cryptocurrency

What is NEM

NEM is a cryptocurrency that was born not long ago, that is in 2015, and today it is one of those that boasts one of the largest numbers in terms of exchanges through the many cryptocurrency exchanges.

Its growth has been very rapid, so much so that it has been the subject of great interest by many savers. One of the main reasons why NEM is very successful is that it is one of the few cryptocurrencies that are traded through banks.

This means that all those investors who continue to use banks for their investments, wanting to make transactions on digital currencies, go to choose NEM to enlarge their investments.

What is NEM Cryptocurrency for

NEM stands for New Economy Movement, and its mission is to be is an enterprise-level solution that acts positively on what is the modern economic revolution that is based on blockchains.

Initially the goal of the developers was to create the digital currency in question through a fork of NXT, but in the end a different path was chosen, that is, a different and above all new source code was adopted with an alpha version, which has given the release on June 25, 2014, while the first version that can be considered as they say in stable technical terms, saw its appearance in the world of cryptocurrencies on March 31, 2015. Experts define NEM as a real ecosystem, which also feeds a different cryptocurrency, or XEM.

There are 3 entities behind this project, namely the NEM Foundation, the NEM Blockchain, where there are also NEM services such as Smart Assets and finally XEM, which in all respects is the real cryptocurrency.

Is NEM minable?

One of the questions that must be asked when dealing with a cryptocurrency is whether it is minable or not, provided that this is an operation that is usually done. In the case of NEM, we must say that we cannot really speak of mining in the sense of the classic term, but it is a harvesting that can be considered as a simple incentive to maintain the NEM network with nodes.

It is therefore about a completely different system from what you see with classic digital coins, which is however suitable for those who are truly experts.

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