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What is Litecoin

Litecoin is a cryptocurrency that defines itself as peer-to-peer, and specifically represents an open source software project, which was released with the MIT / X11 license.

It was inspired by an already existing and well-known cryptocurrency, namely Bitcoin, going to pick up the same trend also from a decidedly more technical point of view.

As for the issue of minting and also of the transaction, with Litecoin everything happens through an open source protocol and an aspect that concerns Litecoin is to be a cryptocurrency that is not controlled by any central authority.

What is Litecoin used for

Litecoin fits into the financial world as a cryptocurrency to make investments, or simply as a digital currency to shop online. Its use is mainly related to the fact that it is practically an evolution of Bitcoin, a currency from which inspiration was taken, but making it much leaner in transactions.

To make Litecoin more performing is the fact of possessing many possibilities in reaching a greater number of virtual portfolios, an aspect that for an investor appears to be a significant added value, and moreover, you can count on a higher maximum limit than Bitcoin, that is 84 million against 21.

So, as regards financial transactions, Litecoin lends itself very well to diversifying its portfolio, with a consequent profit gain.

Is Litecoin minable?

The answer to the question is yes, Litecoin is mineable, but compared to Bitcoin the procedure is more complex. To send Litecoin, every transaction you make must be entered in a block.

The figures in charge of verifying these transactions, that is the miners, will carry out the necessary checks on the transactions through specific work tests. Miners proceed to accurately verify incoming transactions against previous ones on the blockchain.

In the event that no duplicates are found, the miners will take care of creating a block with new transactions inside and will subsequently add it to an existing Litecoin one.

One thing to pay attention to is that to carry out mining Litecoin requires the use of large quantities of electricity and even time, so in the long run it is something that is not cheap .

However, it seems that the general benefits from Litecoins end up making this digital currency very interesting anyway.

Litecoin forecasts and news


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