Tron TRX

What is Tron

Tron is a very young reality, in fact its birth took place in 2017, and it did it in a very singular way. Its creator Justin Sun in fact, he initially made one fundraising based on the simple presentation of a whitepaper. In practice, investors made their investment in what for all intents and purposes is plowing an empty box with an idea inside, which was based on the platform (TRON) and on the native cryptocurrency (TRX). In a few weeks, despite having received much criticism for a project based on nothing real, he collected further 70 million dollars of investments, and today it is a reality destined to establish itself in the entertainment market.

What Tron is used for

So what is the purpose of the Tron platform? In practice, the project that has been put in place is to build an environment in which the environment must take place sharing of content dedicated to entertainment, which can be partly free and partly paid, and purchases of such content can be made through the native cryptocurrency linked to the platform itself, or TRX. Put simply, Tron has the ultimate goal of becoming a huge social network at a global level that distributes content such as movies, games and music, supplanting existing and rooted realities such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and platforms similar. An ambitious project but that the creator of Tron is carrying out with conviction and with the support of a large group of investors.

The cryptocurrency linked to Tron is minable

Let's ask ourselves at this point if TRX, or the native cryptocurrency linked to the Tron platform, as well as being the official currency for transactions within the same, also lends itself to be minable. It is in fact a type of operation widely practiced by those who are interested in the world of cryptocurrencies, but not all of these are born with the right characteristics to be able to do mining. Being a cryptocurrency which function is to be a coin linked exclusively to the purchase of content within the platform, mining is not possible. According to some experts there are platforms that allow some sort of mining, but in the end the time and the final result do not justify the necessary effort. So if you want to mine TRX it is not a viable way.

TRON price

You can see Il Tron price below and in its complete form

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