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What is Stellar

It is a open source protocol who saw his birth in the 2014, which criptovaluta of reference takes the name of Stellar Lumens. As for the code found on the platforms that deal with this type of product, it is XLM. As we will see later in the article, Stellar is something decidedly different from what the normal cryptocurrency system is. One of the main features of this cryptocurrency is the fact that it can be purchased and sold on all the most popular online platforms that operate with the exchange of currencies, and its protocol is supported by the Stellar Development Foundation, which is a non-profit organization.

What is Stellar for?

We can answer this question by saying that Stellar, and therefore its reference cryptocurrency Stellar Lumens (XLM), serve to transform the system of blockchain in something extremely free and social. Its operation is quite simple, the money that is sent in a certain currency I will be tried by Stellar network, which ensures that the control of the situation is not exclusive to a single entity, but that everything takes place within an open blockchain. The conversion of the currency into the currency of the recipient of the money will be made at the lowest value in circulation at that time. One of the main missions that the developers of Stellar Lumens chose to tackle was to create a digital currency that would allow to make money transfers without charges, and that it went somehow to the advantage of poor countries. It is precisely because of these particular characteristics that at the beginning of the text we talked about a cryptocurrency that is very different from the other digital currencies.

Stellar is minable?

This is one of the questions many people who want to operate within the cryptocurrency network ask themselves. In this case we have to say that Stellar Lumens it is a non-mineable cryptocurrency. This is a product whose transactions have very low commissions, and the advantage of working with them is found in other types of situations. In practice, the Stellar Lumens cryptocurrency is ideal for making small payments, because it must be considered that its average time is between 2 and 5 seconds. It is therefore one of those cryptocurrencies that has many advantages but not the characteristic of being minable.

Stellar XML price

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