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Tezos will adopt Zcash's privacy solutions

The Edo update is upon us, which will bring news in this sense

Tezos is moving towards its next update, called "Edo". The topic was addressed by two developers of Tezos Nomadic Labs, Marigold and Metastate. It was they who revealed that among the various proposals for this phase, there are also privacy solutions within the blockchain.
A not insignificant announcement, given the increasing attention paid by government bodies to a topic such as that of anonymity promised by privacy coin.

tezos - Tezos will adopt Zcash's privacy solutions

The changes proposed by Edo

The first change introduced by Edo concerns sapling, a bookshop which it had been originally developed by Electric Coin Company for its blockchain Zcash. Its implementation will allow for screened transactions, a feature that Tezos developers will be able to integrate into their smart contracts. In addition to applications that have the greatest need for privacy.
Which is added a ticket system, considered a mechanism capable of facilitating smart contracts in order to grant portable permissions to other similar contracts or with the intent to issue tokens. This is a feature that already exists, but in this version it will allow to operate in a much easier way for third-party developers.
Another addition is then that represented by the so-called "Fifth period". If it currently only takes about one block (equivalent to one minute) to activate new protocol versions once voting is finished, making seamless updates complicated for some nodes, extending the update period should give users a longer time frame to fulfill their task. In practice, instead of four periods of eight cycles during the vote, there will be five of five cycles.

Edo is the logical continuation of Delphi

Edo follows up on Delphi, the upgrade that reduced gas consumption for transactions by approximately 75%. Making Tezos de facto much more attractive to developers. In particular for those who work in the field DeFi. Thanks to it, in fact, a reduction of about four times has been achieved in the cost previously necessary for archiving. Another card to play against all those who operate in a sector that is now considered key as that of decentralized finance. One aspect, that of cost reduction, which is actually also addressed by Edo.

Should you go in the direction of greater privacy?

Precisely in the light of the ostracism recently decreed against Monero and other privacy coins, many experts question what could happen to Tezos. If you decide to move in the direction of levels of confidentiality that approximate total anonymity, the problems may in fact become insurmountable.
Just think in this sense of the law enforcement activities carried out by government agencies in the United States and Russia, to understand how a decision of this kind would represent a sort of declaration of war. Pushing counterparts to include Tezos as well in the real blacklist to which they were also associated Dash and Zcash. That is the tokens towards which an increasingly decisive contrast activity has been unleashed. Founded not only on the launch of tools able to counteract anonymity, but also by convincing the exchange to delist the offending projects. As it happened on the part of shapeshift, which has decided to remove Monero and Zcash from their trading. A decision which could soon also affect Tezos, should it continue on the path taken.

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