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Tezos continues to grow impetuously

tezos - Tezos continues to grow impetuously

Tezos continues to grow impetuously. A growth that has lasted for months, but which in the last period has been even impressive. As a result of what is happening, in fact, XTZ it has even joined the top ten of virtual currencies and is preparing to climb other positions, at least according to what many analysts have predicted. A prediction that is based on a series of characteristics that make it possible Tezos a real point of reference for investors who intend to face the risks involved in the purchase of cryptocurrency, but they also want to have some security to lean on.
Moreover, Tezos offers more than one security, starting with one blockchain which, according to experts, represents the best the sector can offer. So let's take a closer look at this virtual currency.

The Tezos blockchain represents security

As we have already said, just Tezos' blockchain is rewarded with a remarkable reputation. Characterized by high innovation profiles, it also guarantees unusual slenderness and great functionality, so much so as to represent, to date, the best of new technology.
A series of skills that stand out above all at a time when too Ethereum is experiencing significant problems in landing version 2.0 of its blockchain. The lack of problems capable of weighing it down are making Tezos the real point of reference crypto for smart contracts and dApps. The updates it has undergone, called Babel e Athens, have not given rise to any technical problems and this seems to have laid the foundations for an ever more radiant future.

The growth of the Tezos quotation

The remarkable reputation acquired has allowed Tezos to grow on the market over the past few months. In fact, XTZ practically gave birth to a year-long rally, during which its capitalization climbed 715%. Just look at a graph of the last few months to then notice how this growth has been gaining speed.
A growth that seems destined to continue precisely because of the particular historical moment we are experiencing. In a context like the current one, characterized by geopolitical instability and by the incumbence of a possible economic crisis due to the spread of the coronavirus, Tezos could benefit enormously from some fundamentals of no small importance.

The ideal time to invest in virtual currencies

The first fact to be taken into account is precisely the particular situation that the global economy is experiencing. There spread of coronavirus it seems destined to reflect itself as an anesthetic on a long series of sectors. Just think of tourism, literally grounded by the flood of cancellations that concern not only the countries most affected by the virus, starting fromItaly, but also many others.
Fears of a global crisis equal to that triggered in 2008 by the bursting of the subprime mortgage bubble in the United States, could consequently push many investors to fall back on so-called safe havens. A category in which the Bitcoin, dragging many Altcoins upwards. The growth of reputation and the entry into the Top Ten at such a particular moment, could therefore lay the foundations for an even stronger and longer rally in the immediate future. All that remains is to follow the events to understand where Tezos can go.

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