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Tezos has been growing wildly for hours now

An announcement from Ubisoft encourages its boom

Tezos has been growing wildly for hours now. After being traded below 4 dollars yesterday, it has in fact given rise to a real boom that has pushed the price up to 5,48 dollars. To favor the trend was a announcement made by Ubisoft, related to the launch of NFT (Non Fungible Token) on its network, the first major video game publisher to do so. An even more relevant trend if we take into account the generalized decline in the sector over the same period of time.

tezos - Tezos has been growing wildly for hours now

Ubisoft's announcement

Ubisoft, the now famous games producer Assassin's Creed e Prince of Persia, announced that its new platform Ubisoft Quartz will allow users to purchase and win in-game items minted as NFT on the blockchain di Tezos. Their debut is scheduled for Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Breakpoint.
This announcement was considered by analysts at the basis of the great growth recorded by XTZ. Although to mix with the one related to Ubisoft there was another one, also considered of great importance.

Tezos network has increased its energy efficiency by 70%

The second announcement is that related to the energy efficiency of the Tezos blockchain, which would have increased by 70%. In practice, sending or receiving XTZ within a transaction costs much less and requires less energy.
This is a very important announcement, in that NFTs are extremely energy-hungry. That is, they require a very high use of energy for an activity which is basically of a playful nature, therefore absolutely unnecessary, even from a cultural point of view.

Tezos and Ubisoft's response to criticism

The criticisms from various quarters did not go unnoticed by Tezos and Ubisoft. The two companies, in fact, have prepared a line of defense that does not seem without logic. Based on a fairly solid argument: the Tezos blockchain is founded on the Proof-of-Stake consensus algorithm (PoS), which involves a much lower energy use than that of the Proof-of-Work (PoW) on which the Bitcoin. In practice, we invite you to criticize BTC for the damage caused by the mining to the environment, more than with alternative projects based on much more eco-sustainable mechanisms.
A line of defense which is becoming more and more frequent in companies that have adopted the Proof-of-Stake. Made even more solid by the conversion decided to do so by Ethereum and other projects, precisely to try to meet environmental needs and not push governments to drastic decisions.

The front of those opposed to mining is increasing

If a few days ago a first request to ban mining on European soil came from Sweden, now Norway too seems willing to take a hard line towards cryptocurrency. Some sectors of the Oslo government, in fact, are advancing the same criticisms of the other Nordic country at this time. A front is therefore being welded which could eventually push the European Union to move to try to counteract a phenomenon which effectively nullifies the efforts put in place to combat global warming.
Also for this reason, some sectors of the world crypto they seem increasingly willing to think about ways to make their business more eco-friendly. The adoption of the Proof-of-Stake could be an important solution to prevent a deterioration of relations with global institutions.

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