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Tezos starts to grow again: what are the reasons?

In 24 hours he collected a + 17%, before flexing

The price of Tezos it is experiencing significant growth again. After surging of the 17% in just 24 hours, exceeding $ 4, it then settled at 3,87. A share which, however, is still far from the 8,27 recorded at the beginning of May, before the sector of cryptocurrency collapsed. However, growth could resume impetuously over the next few hours. Trusting in particular on one series of factors which seem to be the ideal basis for this.

tezos - Tezos starts to grow impetuously: what are the reasons?

What is Tezos and what are its main features?

Launched during the 2018, Tezos boasts a feature of great importance: is one of the first cryptocurrencies to have adopted the Proof-of-Stake (PoS). Precisely the possibility of leveraging a consensus algorithm towards which many are now moving towards, has prompted many observers to highlight its considerable potential. And this factor is likely to prove even more decisive in the immediate future, especially after Elon Musk's criticism of Bitcoin mining. Which is in turn based on the Proof-of-Work (PoW), thus making it energy-intensive and environmentally harmful.
The fact of being able to rely on the PoS also opens up considerable prospects in China. As the Beijing government could actually favor projects crypto more environmentally friendly, to the detriment of others. A consideration that opens unexpected horizons for Tezos.

The other factors of growth

In addition to those mentioned, however, there are other factors which could favor Tezos. Starting from the fact that many NFT projects are shifting to his blockchain, driven to do so by very low transaction costs and faster process validation times than the competition.
In addition, the project team is giving birth to many updates. Of which the last was Edo, the fifth in the series, operated at the beginning of the year, the most ambitious of all. Thanks to it, in fact, the addition of the Sapling protocol and other features aimed at supporting future updates. It also significantly improves the governance mechanism. It arrived three months after the fourth, named Delphi, which in turn had reduced gas costs by 75% and storage costs by four times.
Among the qualifying points of Edo, there is also the presence of "Ticket". That is, the function delegated to simplify the process of granting portable authorizations to other smart contracts and to issue tokens. Precisely it allows developers to write secure contracts faster, thus saving time which can be used in other ways.

The French interest in Tezos

To demonstrate the great growth of the project, also in terms of reputation, is also the operation that resulted inadoption of Tezos in over 10 thousand points of sale located within France. The result of an agreement between Nomadic Labs and Digycode, a French startup active in the digital assets sector.
France is the country where Tezos has had the best response so far. So much so that he was pointed out by the Minister of Economy and Finance, Bruno Le Maire, like one of the most intriguing projects ever. The fame of which, moreover, is not a little contributing sponsorship of Red Bull, in Formula One. One of the cars bearing his logo, in fact, on Sunday triumphed in the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, raced on the Baku circuit.

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