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The Lombardy Region will use the Blockchain in waste management

The problem of waste is very warned in Italy. Especially in those parts of the territory used by the ecomafie to burn them, triggering very dangerous consequences for the knowledge of the residents.
The problem is made even more serious by the fact that it does populations no longer want to have landfills near their homes, fearing that the sites are used to treat toxic materials. Just actually see what is happening to Roma, on the issue related to the new landfill which should replace Malagrotta, to understand the difficulty associated with identifying suitable sites.
Now a novelty from this point of view seems to be coming, linked to the possibility of use the blockchain in waste management. Indeed, the technology of the distributed registers could in fact prove to be suitable for tracing the material that should be treated within the sites, thus avoiding that even the unauthorized one may be.

The decision of the Lombardy regional council

Il Lombard regional council proceeded to approve the Guidance Act concerning the planning of waste management and remediation. The plan prepared for this route aims in particular at overcoming the idea of ​​rejection itself, instead adopting the circular economy logic. Just in the discussion that led to the approval of the provision, an amendment of the M5S Lombard, which provides for the assessment of the adoption of "guaranteed, transparent, public and non-modifiable traceability procedures of the waste chain with the use of a new technology, the blockchain".
The rationale for this provision is precisely the guarantees that the new technology is able to offer in terms of traceability of the materials involved in the treatment process. Continuous monitoring in this regard could in practice be the keystone for prevent mafia infiltrations in such a delicate sector.

The problem of waste in Italy

It is enough to examine the media, whether paper or not, to understand how waste represents an increasingly visible problem in our country, also due to the political absenceunable to give concrete answers to the needs of the population.
The refusal by the territories to host the plants that should proceed with the treatment of the materials is due in particular to the health concerns. In fact, the areas in which the plants are located are too often characterized by dramatic data, with a very high incidence of diseases related precisely to air and environmental pollution which is the natural consequence of the presence of these plants.
A situation that has arisen in recent weeks in Rome, where the decision of the mayor of Rome, Virginia Rages, to place the new landfill a Monte Carnevale, two kilometers away from Malagrotta, has practically led to the uprising of the Galeria Valley. In fact, the territory in question has not yet been reclaimed after the closure of the landfill which for decades has disposed of the capital's waste. Precisely for this reason, the residents rebelled against the decision of the Municipality and the Region, triggering an increasingly lively political controversy.
Just what is happening could push the various administrations more and more to adopt the blockchain for the tracking of the materials to be disposed of, thus cutting the way for eco-mafia, who try to take advantage of the emergency to increase their dirty traffic.

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