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The Cleveland Cavaliers also collaborate with Socios

Yet another blow to the Chiliz platform

New shot for Members, the platform blockchain which aims to make relations between sports clubs and their fans ever closer. To launch an agreement with the Chiliz app are this time the Cleveland Cavaliers, one of the deductibles of the National Basketball Association (NBA).
The collaboration was signed on July 26th and also in this case it will allow the mass of enthusiasts linked to the Ohio team to interact more easily with their team using cryptocurrency. As indeed millions of fans already do football, and not only, in every part of the globe.

Cleveland Cavs - The Cleveland Cavaliers also collaborate with Socios

The terms of the agreement between Cavs and Socios

The agreement signed with the Cleveland Cavaliers provides for the appearance of the logo on the team's training jerseys, right under the player's name. In addition, the company will be able to take advantage of the LED signs on the edges of the field to send messages to spectators. All this combined naturally with the launch of fans token which will allow fans to have a say in the social life of the Cavs.
An original way to allow interaction between the team and supporters at a time made particularly problematic by the spread of Covid. Which is regaining great vigor right now, in the United States.

Mike Conley's comment on the collaboration with Socios

To comment on the agreement with Socios, by the US franchise, was Mike Conley, the team's chief information officer. According to which it represents a new step forward in the perspective of an increasingly effective use of blockchain technology in the relationship with the vast base of enthusiasts who regularly follow the exploits of the Cavs. And the confirmation of a trend towards innovation which is becoming more and more intense in the field of professional sport with stars and stripes.

The Cavaliers are just another piece of the puzzle

It should be noted that the Cleveland Cavaliers represent just one more dowel in the puzzle built by Socios and beyond. The Ohio team follows the Boston Celtics a few days later, which in turn had signed a similar agreement in the first week of July.
An increasingly close relationship between blockchain companies and the NBA, which began for years and which has seen Sacramento Kings involved in different ways from time to time, Portland Trailblazers and Dallas Mavericks. Without neglecting that Spencer Dinwiddie, Brooklyn Nets guard who has seen fit to tokenize his contract, albeit with little luck. Given the current trend, many teams and athletes could soon join an already very long list.

About the Cleveland Cavaliers

The Cleveland Cavaliers are currently in a phase of real reconstruction. Which follows the golden years of Lebron James, the Chosen One originally from the city. Which was able to drag the team practically alone to a unexpected title in the 2015-16 season, obtained with the decisive victory in Oakland, against the Golden State Warriors.
From that moment a tiring reconstruction began, following the farewell of James, which, however, has not yet managed to bear fruit up to expectations. The fans' gaze is however focused on the future. A real point of contact with digital assets, which actually seem an anticipation of what finance will be in the coming years.

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