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The cryptocurrency market is still losing ground: will it stop there or will it get worse?

La market capitalization of cryptocurrency it lost further ground in the last day, leading to the loss of hundreds of millions of dollars. The liquidations of the last 24 hours have covered the entire cryptocurrency market, with hundreds of thousands of traders involved in one of the worst liquidation events of 2022.

In fact, within 24 hours more than $ 830 million in liquidations were recorded across the cryptocurrency market. This is the second largest liquidation event recorded so far in 2022, only slightly lower than the October numbers.

Of course, as the price of digital assets across space has been in decline, long traders have suffered the worst of liquidations. Over 70% of the liquidations were carried out by them and over 33% of these volumes were registered on theexchange Binance, ahead of FTX, which follows closely with 21,77%.

More specifically, a total of 392.043 traders liquidated their positions in one day, with the largest single liquidation order taking place on theexchange Binance. The transaction was carried out on the BTCUSDT pair and had a value of 6,70 million dollars ...

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