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The feeling between NBA and cryptocurrencies continues

Buddy Hield Sacramento Kings - The feeling between NBA and cryptocurrencies continues

The world of National Basket Association (NBA) has long been open to digital assets. There are many initiatives that have cemented the relationship over the last few months, starting with "NBA Top Shot", a video game focused on the famous professional league and edited by Dapper labs. The team that is distinguishing itself in particular, at least from this point of view, is however Sacramento Kings, a team not among the most famous for its results in the field, but which seems to be the most willing to launch into the territories of innovation.

Sacramento Kings and digital assets, an ever closer relationship

The Californian team had already in the past decided to open up to the world of virtual currencies. In particular he had decided to use the services of BitPay in order to process payments into Bitcoin of their fans. And to launch Mining for Good, a charity program consisting of mining Ethereum using Nvidia video cards, as part of a partnership with MiningStore.
Now still the Kings have announced the launch of their new real-time auction platform based on one blockchain which was developed by ConsenSys, a company very active in the sector. In practice, thanks to this initiative, the fans of Sacramento will be able to make their offers to be able to buy the sports equipment that has been used by the players. It will be platform a ensure the authentication of auctioned items in order to remedy the doubts cultivated by fans on the actual authenticity of the same.

What does the procedure involve?

As for the mechanism, it provides that fans from all over the globe will be able to make their bid for items used by players and auctioned through the new Kings + Golden 1 Center app. The proceeds from the online auction will in turn be donated to a number of charities.
The first item to be auctioned will be the Buddy Hield's tunic, one of the strongest players on the team, known in particular for his extraordinary accuracy in three-point shooting. In this case the proceeds will be donated in order to mitigate the damage that was caused by Hurricane Dorian, in the Bahamas.

The most innovative sports club

The Sacramento Kings aren't one of the NBA's most popular franchises. On the contrary, their appeal consists above all in being indicated by several parts as eternal losers. Especially when compared to other realities of the same area, such as Los Angeles Lakers or Golden State Warriors. They have only one NBA title to their credit, the one they won in 1951, when they were still called Royals. For decades now, however, their results have been quite negative.
Perhaps precisely to try to remedy a not exactly irresistible coat of arms, the Kings have signaled themselves for their opening to the world of cryptocurrencies. A propensity that pushed Fast Company, in 2016, to indicate them as the most innovative team in the sports sector. Maybe it's not much for the fans, who would probably prefer more positive sports results, but at least from a technological point of view the Sacramento Kings have managed to get people talking. Now all he has to do is try to raise the level of performance in the field to similar levels.

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