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The number of Tron accounts is growing


Tron - The number of Tron accounts is growing The number of accounts of Tron. To reveal what is happening was the Director of Communication and Marketing of the TronWallet, Misha Lederman, who made it known as in just 24 hours, 65.226 new accounts have been inaugurated.
As a result of this data, the total number of Tron accounts has now reached 5,3 million accounts.

A growth out of the ordinary

To better understand the data pitted by Lederman, we must remember that this is practically 1,2% of the total accounts opened on Tron. A growth that is 61% higher than that which was the previous record, or the 40.386 accounts that had been registered on February 28, 2019.
A quite sensational figure, which was the subject of a joking comment from Justin Sun, the founder of Tron, who said, "I have no idea why people suddenly started using TRON."
An ironic comment, but which at the same time contains an element of truth. In fact, there are no particular events that can explain the sudden interest in this cryptocurrency.

A trend that was already underway

If it is difficult to explain what is happening, it is also to remember how it is a trend that has been going on for a few days now. If, in fact, until April 8 the growth rate was attested on an ordinary figure, about 10 thousand new accounts per day, three days later there were already 15 thousand inaugurations every 24 hours. Then you become 20 thousand a day from April 16th. And if on April 17th and 18th the daily figure of 25 thousand was surprising, on the 19th there was a real boom. Difficult to explain in light of the data relating to transactions, which on the 19th were even lower than those of a week before.

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Justin Sun's AMA with the Arab community

Just on April 19th Justin Sun held an AMA (acronym for Ask Me Anything) with the Arab community. If it is true that the founder of Tron is considered an excellent animator, could his performance on that occasion have convinced many of his interlocutors to open an account on Tron?
It is difficult to understand this, also because the growth recorded has been far too pronounced to be justified by a simple event.

Alternative explanations

Other analysts have tried to explain Tron's sudden boom with theairdrop of the JST token, however, which took place on the 16th, with dates that therefore do not coincide and an appeal that of JST, in fact, which does not seem able to justify what happened.
While the hypothesis tending to explain the Tron boom could have more foundation some dApps which may have convinced tens of thousands of people to register, even without feeling the immediate need to make transactions. Finally the integration of TRX in Bidao, which actually could be a more convincing explanation. All that remains is to wait a few days, however, to be able to give more defined connotations to a rather curious story for now.

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