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Is the perfect storm approaching for Bitcoin?

bitcoin tax - Is the perfect storm approaching for Bitcoin?

It is quite natural that the approach of 13st May results in a spasmodic wait for fans of Bitcoin and digital assets in general. According to many analysts, in fact, the price of the most popular cryptocurrency ever could start a new bull run able to at least partially realize long-standing predictions.
A group in which the prophecies of Anthony Pompliano e John McAfee: according to the first, the token should reach 100 thousand dollars by the end of the year, for the second it should even break through the million dollar wall. Simple boutades or predictions based on concrete data?

Is the perfect storm developing?

For whom, how Roger Ver, claims that practically nothing will happen, at least in the weeks following the expected halving of the rewards due to miners, an indirect response comes from some data that maybe a few months could not be put in the budget.
In this sense, a recent report by Arcane Research, who points his finger at the current ones expansive policies implemented by Federal Research in order to counteract the recessive effects of the pandemic from coronavirus.
According to company analysts, if this massive injection of liquidity into the system, in the form of economic aid to businesses and workers, is likely to bear fruit in the short term, they they could later prove to be poisoned in the longer term.

Halving and Fed economic stimulus: the ideal mix

As the Fed floods the economy with liquidity, BTC moves towards a halving of rewards. So, towards a situation that could herald the entry of a less amount of virtual currency.
Investors' response to this mix could materialize in a real river of resources drained from the real economy to the virtual one.
A scenario which, moreover, could be further facilitated by what is happening in the sector mining, with some companies that are practically shifting their commitment to other cryptographic assets considered to be currently the most profitable. This is the case, for example, of Valarhash Cabins, company operating in China which held about 9% of the global hash rate. In fact, the company recently announced the decision, already operating, to reduce the calculation activity for BTC.  The resources in question would go to other assets.

Bitcoin towards mass adoption?

In the previous months there had been some signs that had led to imagining Bitcoin's growth in terms of real-life usage. For example the decision of some leading actors of the large French distribution, who had opened their electronic transactions to BTC.
While in Venezuela e Argentina more and more citizens who, to avoid being damaged by too high inflation indices, have decided to convert their wages and pensions received in the form of fiat, bolivar and pesos currency into tokens.
With the arrival of Covid-19, however, this trend could become even stronger. Thus pushing ever larger masses of people to use cryptocurrencies, and in particular the most iconic one, in their online transactions. With e-commerce booming, this is another scenario that seems to herald an upcoming bull run for BTC. A growth in line with what was vaticinated even by an unsuspected source such as Bloomberg.

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