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The Sandbox, its growth is increasingly vigorous

Close fight between Metaverse tokens in the last few hours

The Sandbox, the popular token Metaverse, is giving birth to a sensational growth over the last few hours. His constant running allowed him to harpoon the 33nd place in the CoinMarketCap ranking related to market capitalization, but it could be a simple stage, considering that the trend has been underway for some time now.
SAND is giving birth to a real battle with Decentraland (MANA), another exponent of the Metaverse. Suffice it to say that over the past seven days its growth has stood at 88%. A trend that suggests a possible entry into the Top Ten over the next few days.

SAND - The Sandbox, its growth is increasingly vigorous

What is The Sandbox

SAND is the Native utility token for an upcoming game blockchain Open-world, The Sandbox in fact, and has been moving in positive territory for a long time now, except for a few sporadic, completely physiological pauses.
Specifically, according to analysts to favor the current upward trend is the news relating to a collaboration established with Adidas, the Teutonic giant of sportswear. Within which an entire plot of land would be reserved for play.
If it has not yet been clarified what the partnership would actually consist of, the simple launch of the news gave new life to the listing of SAND, which has resumed its advance in a vigorous manner.

Where could The Sandbox go?

To better understand what is happening, just remember that at the beginning of September the token was still around the dollar in value. In the last few hours it travels instead for about 7,5 US dollars. From the first day of the year, when it was worth just four cents, its price has given birth to one growth of around 17 thousand% (!).
All this happens just on the eve of the test that Animoca offers to fans for the next three weeks. Each player will have access to three different multiplayer games in The Sandbox, while another fifteen will be made available to the 5 winners of the NFT “Alpha Pass” that have been up for grabs over the last two weeks.

The duel with Decentraland

The explosion of SAND happens just as Decentraland, another token linked to the Metaverse, is also in a phase of great expansion. After a loss linked to the simultaneous bending of Bitcoin e Ethereum, even MANA has started running again. A clear sign that the rebranding of Facebook is having far-reaching effects on the sector of cryptocurrency. If it is true that the idea of ​​the metaverse has been in vogue for decades, the announcement of the social network has triggered a real fever. This is supported by another announcement from Mark Zuckerberg's company, relating to the intention of invest up to $ XNUMX billion to develop metaverse construction technologies.
Again, simple numbers are enough to understand what is happening. In particular, a virtual land of real estate in Decentraland has indeed been sold for a whopping 2,4 million dollars. A sale which has largely contributed to increasing enthusiasm for the digital real estate sector among investors.

Risks and fears are also growing

Of course, the extraordinary growth of SAND and MANA also poses some problems. In particular those relating to speculative character of what is happening. Precisely for this reason, investors are invited from many sides to move with some caution, so as not to turn their side to any maneuvers. Warnings which, however, seem at the moment destined to be overwhelmed by the real frenzy that accompanies the growth of tokens linked to the Metaverse.

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