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The SLP Foundation is born: from the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem

SLP Foundation - The SLP Foundation is born: from the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem

The birth e creation of the SLP Foundation it was announced yesterday. This new foundation will serve to support the development of homonymous tokens that are based on blockchain area of Bitcoin Cash through the funds that were raised during this period.

La mission of the new SLP Foundation is to provide support, resources, development and research in the field of scalability and the ecosystem that was created on Bitcoin Cash, while allowing you to reach the expansion in an incredible way.

They are already 2 years away from them, launching that SLP tokens they have made great strides. Furthermore, their creation is really very simple. Over 8 tokens have been made that made the Bitcoin Cash blockchain, second only to the use of the blockchain of Ethereum, and there are several exchange who have decided to start integrating them.

Recall, that these tokens also boast new hardware wallet revolutionary type: the Satochip. A kind of credit card with which you have the possibility of manage the various SLP tokens and Bitcoin Cash.

Who are the members of the SLP Foundation? As far as the SLP Foundation is concerned, this is a non-profit corporation that supports itself through donations from various members.

The main board members currently include: Joey Wong, Stefan Rust (ex Bitcoin CEO), Peter NG who will work on this project, at least until new board members are appointed.

The foundation also set itself the goal, for this year, of creating a new SLP2020, that is, initiatives aimed at improving the system in terms of: compatibility, scalability, speed and promotion of the ecosystem, on different fields of action such as: the STO, the NFT and other financial products. 

The post that announced the Foundation, ends with a prosperous and rosy vision for both the SLP and the Bitcoin Cash blockchain, also allowing this type of implementation.

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