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The strange case of Ripple

Ripple represents a real case in its own right, in the varied world of cryptocurrency. XRPin fact, it is still today one of the favorite projects of investors, which spare no resources in anticipation of its future development, but suffers from a now chronic weakness of its token, which recorded one of the worst performances ever, during 2019.

Second consecutive year down

The 2019 was for Ripple il second consecutive year closed down. Among the largest virtual uniforms, solo Stellar did worse, while IOTA e Dash they showed more or less similar behavior.
And yet the year had started under the best auspices, with the overtaking in terms of capitalization compared to Ethereum, which had positioned XRP immediately behind Bitcoin, an event that had not occurred since 2015. However, starting in June, the half dollar price reached began to evaporate, with a precipitous descent which led Ripple to close the year at around 0,19 cents, with an annual loss of approximately 47%.

It is better on the financing side

If you move the crosshair on the funding side, you enter a completely different dimension instead. Just think of what happened during the fundraising started by Tetragon just before the holiday season, in favor of the most promising Start-ups and aimed at helping them in planning the activities to be implemented in 2020 by introducing liquidity in this sense. just Ripple was the most successful company in this round of funding, collecting over 200 million dollars.
A data to which must be added that relating to value of his blockchain, which is attested over $ 10 billion and the predictions of a expansion of the company staff during 2020, with the hiring of over 100 professional figures between managers and developers, which will join the 500 people already active full-time within Ripple.

What are the forecasts for the future?

It would therefore seem that the future of XRP is destined to turn pink, at least according to the high levels of confidence that the project continues to enjoy with institutional investors. Self the great ambition remains to replace the Swift system in international trade, basing its possibilities on the rapidity of cross-border exchanges and on very low commissions (less than a cent), the financial institutions to which it is addressing are entering the market massively, with their own stablecoins. Just think of JP Morgan Chase, who has already launched his JP CoinBut not only.
The loss of value of Ripple, however, has caused a very strong loss of confidence, such as to push some of the major holders of XRP to threaten RippleNet to perform a fork of the blockchain, which could prove to be a blow to the whole project. If the CEO Garlinghouse continues to say that the low strength of the token is the result of a precise company choice, more and more people do not see it in the same way. For this 2020 could prove to be a decisive year for Ripple.

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