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Three new members for Libra Association

Libra - Three new members for the Libra Association

La Pound Association welcomed three new members. It's about Temasek, P e Slow ventures, investment funds that have found Facebook's new cryptocurrency to be a good earning opportunity.
Their arrival adds to the recent ones of Shopify, Tagomi, Heifer International e, which partially compensated for the defections of some large groups that had initially joined the project, and then slipped in the face of opposition from the political world.

Who are the new arrivals

As we have mentioned, the companies that have decided to join are investment funds. Temasek is based in Singapore, while the other two are from San Francisco.
In all three cases, these are companies focused on innovation, which have already in the past embraced projects in the field of blockchain and virtual currencies and seem willing to continue on the path taken.

Dante Disparte's welcome

Commenting on the arrival of the three groups was Dante Dispartand vice president and policy and communications officer of the Libra Association. According to which Temasek, Paradigm and Slow Ventures are able to bring valuable skills to the Facebook project, precisely in the light of a long-standing propensity.

The unknowns about Libra remain

If the number of new arrivals has intensified over the past few months, however, it remains to be seen whether Libra will finally be able to take off, or whether it will be held on the ground by the opposition of the political world. Strong opposition not only in the United States, but also on the other side of the Atlantic. Above all due to the exaggerated needs expressed by the Whitepaper of Libra, who have not failed to prick up the ears of those who have long looked at Mark Zuckerberg with open suspicion.

Has the original project been changed?

Just the White Paper, however, is at the center of rumors that in the meantime, they would like to modify it compared to the original draft.
The proof would be to be seen in the recent request sent to FINMA, the Swiss financial market supervisory authority, in order to operate as a payment system.
It was to reveal what happened Lars schlichting, CEO of Poseidon Group, according to whom the new project includes not only multi-currency stablecoins, but also a mono-currency. A circumstance that would help Libra move towards a favorable outcome.

What could happen now

It should be emphasized that the procedural process used by Switzerland allows those applying for licenses to propose a system that is still open. In this way it would be easier to accept the modification requests coming from Finma and pave the way towards the conclusion of the procedure.
A choice, the one made by Libra, which demonstrates Zuckerberg's willingness to meet the demands of supervisory bodies, precisely in order to smooth out any possible divergence. A behavior in line with what was promised by the founder of Facebook, when the barrage of politics seemed impossible to overcome.
Precisely in light of the latest events, analysts have returned to ask themselves if and when Libra will be able to make its appearance on the market. If the hypothesis of a launch in the middle of the current year now seems impossible, it is not excluded that Facebook's new virtual currency may make its official debut in late 2020.

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