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Tinder is the latest trend of cyber scammers

Tinder - Tinder is the latest trend of cyber scammers

The fantasy of scammers and hackers seems to know no limits, not even in terms of decency, considering how hackers are using the thirst for information on coronavirus to baste their maneuvers.
Extremely dangerous maneuvers for public health, considering that at a time such as the one characterized by the pandemic blocking the IT systems of a healthcare facility can turn into a real catastrophe.
A consideration that does not seem to be accepted by hackers, however, who continue to try to target hospitals and health institutions. As happened recently to Spallanzani, one of the most visible in this delicate moment.

Now crypto scams travel on social media

Another trend that is strongly emerging in the cyber sectorscams however, it is the one represented by social. Especially in this period, with many people forced to stay inside their homes due to lockdown, it is they who represent a significant relief valve.
Those who use them, however, must try to protect themselves against the bad guys. The best way to do it, even in this case, is to not let your guard down too much. Especially for those who use tinder.

Encounters with Tinder can be dangerous

Tinder is a famous media that aims to encourage meetings. The search for handsome girls, which is one of its main characteristics, can however prove to be full of pitfalls for users.
Sometimes, in fact, a scammer can be hidden behind the profiles that portray them. Who, conversing for a long time with the other party finally manages to gain his trust, convincing him to invest in new cryptocurrencies. Naturally non-existent and longed for in order to have sums delivered which in some cases are considerable.

The reports on Reddit

Has been Reddit to tear the veil and show what is happening. In fact, some users of Tinder did not hesitate to disclose what is becoming a custom.
However, the modus operandi chosen by the scammers should be the cause of some suspicion a long chat on a fundamentally difficult topic such as digital assets. If it is true that this is now a trendy topic, it is also to be considered that the attempt to focus attention on the topic seems quite unusual. So much so that it should push the user object of attention to alert.

Tinder and more: the imagination of the bad guys is rampant

There is, however, to be underlined how the fantasy of scammers and hackers is truly remarkable. If ransomware attacks are currently being carried by sites focused on coronavirus, after having exploited for example the tragic death of Kobe Bryant and Grammy Awards, scammers have long raged with theirs threatening emails in which they asked for a ransom so as not to reveal the dangerous inclinations of their objectives. Of course, there was nothing concrete behind the blackmail attempt.
Partly ended this trend, now comes the attempt to exploit the social and naivety that continues to characterize many users. In these cases, in fact, it would be enough to apply a simple principle of prudence: how can you believe those who promise unlimited earnings, without doing anything? Yet there are still many who manage to be enchanted, facing the loss of their money.

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