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Uber partially goes against the trend on Bitcoin

The Californian company will not invest in the token, but will accept it as a means of payment

At a time when more and more large companies decide to invest in Bitcoin, there is one that has at least at the moment decided to go bucking. It is Uber, the San Francisco-based private car transportation company, which stated his intention to allow payments in BTC, but not to be, at least for the moment, willing to invest in the iconic token invented by Satoshi Nakamoto.

Uber - Uber partially goes against the trend on Bitcoin

The declaration of Dara Khosrowshahi

It was Uber's position to specify Dara Khosrowshahi, the CEO of the Californian company, during an interview with CNBC contained within an episode of Squawk Box.
Responding to a specific question in this sense, the woman in fact stated that the issue has been the subject of discussion within the company's management spheres. The decision was to exclude an act in this sense, as it would be better not to engage in activities with a clear speculative flavor and instead invest in the growth of Uber within the sector in which it operates.

Payments will instead be accepted

If the purchase of Bitcoin has been ruled out, in the immediate future however, Uber customers may be allowed to pay in the form of cryptocurrencies. Thus giving one more option, considered precious both for riders and for customers.
A fairly clear response at the moment, which does not however exclude that the company may change its mind over the next few months. As indeed many have done in recent years. Starting from thatElon Musk which started from positions of skepticism on Bitcoin, has now even opted for a direct investment by Tesla, for a total of 1,5 billion dollars, such as to arouse a great impression both on the markets and among the public.

Morgan Stanley also seems determined to invest in BTC

Over the last few hours, there has been talk of a possible engagement of Morgan Stanley in the direction of Bitcoins. He did it Bloomberg, Citing Counterpoint Global, a $ 150 billion investment firm within the banking galaxy. However, it should be noted that this would not be a real debut in the sector, considering how Morgan Stanley already boasts a stake of almost 11% in MicroStrategy, a company that has already invested significant resources in BTC.

Is Bitcoin a bubble? Traditional money is too

La FCA (Financial Conduct Authority), the UK's financial market supervisory body, just recently wanted to warn investors. Stating that you need to be very careful in placing your money on Bitcoin, as whoever does it could lose everything.
An unusual stance. On which he also had to say JP Morgan in his studio. In which he affirmed that certainly the levels of evaluation reached appear unsustainable already in the medium term (while those of the Nasdaq or the Standard & Poor's 500, would be entirely justified by the fundamentals, typical of a pandemic).
At the same time adding, by Howard wang, the former Bridgewater analyst who founded Convoy Investment, as is the fiat currency system. What makes it so is in particular the work of central banks. Enough to push him to state how the focus on cryptocurrencies represents nothing more than a political move. Aimed at trying to influence public opinion.

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