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Vet and XTZ added for Binance staking

As recently happened for Savings' s Zilliqa Zil, now Binance has announced and made available the Savings si 2 important coins Vechain e Tezos

Binance Savings Vet XTZ

binance xtz - Vet and XTZ added for staking on Binance

From the Binance home just go to the Savings button, the new way to block a certain amount of coins for daily staking (auto renewable as long as we want) and choose the maximum savings

Fat : 2,000,000,000

XTZ : 4,000,000

What is the reward?

Unfortunately we only have 1% per year, very little, even if we block large quantities, but it is still an incentive to block the cryptocurrency Binance rather than withdrawing from a wallet external or even a device like ledger.

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