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Vitalik Buterin attacks Cardano

Yet another act of the war between Ethereum and the professors' cryptocurrency

Now between Ethereum e Cardano it seems to be open warfare. The disagreements between the two groups of developers are practically the order of the day, as evidenced by the latest attack of Vitalik Buterin. The creator of Ethereum, in fact, during a chat with the podcaster LexFriedman, launched a dig that will not go unnoticed by those who carefully follow the cryptographic space. That is, he stated that the profound academic rigor is overrated.
It is not difficult to connect this statement to the reputation that distinguishes Cardano from the beginning, indicated by many as "The cryptocurrency of professors". Arising from the fact that many well-known academics are following the project.

Vitalik Buterin - Vitalik Buterin attacks Cardano

What Vitalik Buterin said

The words released by Buterin were uploaded to the podcast on Friday and seem destined to mark a new phase of hostility between the counterparts.
According to the co-founder of Ethereum, there are projects that pride themselves on having academic evidence behind them that can substantiate their effectiveness. Unlike what happens for Ethereum, whose approach is heuristic. That is, of a practical nature, justified by the need to proceed with greater speed towards the set objectives.
A very different modus operandi from that of Cardano, therefore. ADA updates, in fact, must be rigorously evaluated and approved by an academic committee, to be able to enter into operation. While in the case of Ethereum the approach is more immediate and, above all, practical. With greater possibility of errors, more or less serious.

Why is Buterin in favor of the heuristic model?

Buterin himself then wanted to point out the reasons that led him to opt for heuristics. Using in particular the example of the mining selfish of Bitcoin. By this we mean the process of extracting the blocks in which the miners plot in order to subtract the newly minted blocks from the blockchain public, only to reveal them later in a private network. Within which the scarcity could lead to greater profits for the proponents of this way of operating. Which, in fact, was not foreseen by Satoshi Nakamoto ed was first identified by two Cornell University researchers, Emin Gün Sirer and Ittay Eyal, who made it public in a 2013 article. That is four years after the launch of BTC.

Charles Hoskinson's answer

Charles Hoskinson's response was not long in coming, as was foreseeable. And it came in the form of a video recorded from his hotel room in Miami. Where the founder of Cardano was waiting to attend the Bitcoin 2021 conference.
Hoskinson's claims do not seem to leave excessive doubts about the recipient. The CEO of IOHK, in fact, stated that the way of carrying out the decision-making processes within the company are marked by greater maturity and responsibility. As they lay the foundations for the systems launched to actually work.
Adding that a process based on haste could eventually result in "tragically and brutally flawed" software. As happened in the case of the Boeing 737, with the death of 346 people in the accidents of 2018 and 2019. From which there is a double lesson: software defects can turn into disastrous consequences and precision is essential in technological design. Now we just have to wait for the next developments of an ever deeper disagreement.

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