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Vitalik Buterin VS Google. Big G cannot have a monopoly, more competition is needed.

Vitalik Buterin VS Google. The creator of Ethereum lashes out against the Google monopoly, which centralizes its power.

google - Vitalik Buterin VS Google. Big G cannot have a monopoly, more competition is needed.

Google was born centralized. A choice that the creator of Ethereum. Vitalik Buterin VS Google, this could be the title of the post published on Twitter in which it states: Google is going more and more in the same direction as Apple, regarding the payment of purchases in the App. There is a need for more competition within the App Store and the operating systems for smartphones. We need it now.

La statement comes from the fact that Google launched an announcement in which it reports how the applications on the Play Store starting from September 2021 will have to use the Google billing system dedicated to in-app purchases. At the moment, in fact, already the 97% of applications meet the required requirement. Only 3% require a re-login and payment by entering the information directly. Google instead wants to act as an intermediary between the service offered and user payment.

In this way, managing the payment service takes a percentage of what is paid from the user to the application.

According to Vitalik Buterin, who replies to a user who wondered how the problem could be solved, the creator of Ethereum replied: honestly we should build our application, experiment with a new decentralized reputation system in order to throw out scams, but without it becoming a back door for centralized brokers only. 

The solution would therefore be open source platforms where you can upload and download dedicated applications that are based on Android. Therefore, the greatest challenge would be to try to transport these application download and payment systems to a new or more competitive or decentralized system, taking away the monopoly power that have been created over the years big of technology like Apple and Google. 

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