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Watford, after Bitcoin now it's up to Dogecoin

New sponsor linked to cryptocurrencies for the Hornets

Il Watford, an English team militant in the Premier League, the country's main football league, confirms its aptitude for financial innovation. After having the Bitcoin, now the team is preparing to host the image of a dog on the front of the same Shiba Inu. The same one that inspired the famous meme coin DOGE.
He will do so during the next races, after making his championship debut with the logo of, a cryptographic sports betting site. Which he replaced in that function, who had opted for the logo of the iconic cryptocurrency invented by Satoshi Nakamoto.

dogecoin - Watford, after Bitcoin now it's Dogecoin's turn

Watford, the revelation of The Athletic

The terms of the agreement were revealed in detail The Athletic, a sports news site that can be consulted by signing up for a subscription. Who stated that will be the Dogecoin to appear on all Watford gaming shirts in the course of the season which started just last weekend. During which the team beat Aston Villa with a score of 3-2, having the logo in plain sight on the uniform. In order to enjoy this visibility, the sports betting site will pay approximately 700 thousand euros into the club's coffers, using digital money for this purpose. Promotional initiatives are also envisaged as part of the agreement. Starting from donation of 10 million DOGE, which at the current exchange rate would be equivalent to almost 3,4 million dollars.

Dogecoin and sport: an always very intense relationship

The one between Dogecoin and sport is a very intense relationship that has been around for a long time. In fact, it would be enough to remember the collection made by his supporters in 2014 in order to support the Olympic expedition of the bobsleigh athletes of Jamaica, in this sense. Or the appearance of the meme coin logo on the car John wise, during a race on the NASCAR circuit, made possible in turn by the coordination of Redditors, the users of Reddit.
With its appearance on Watford shirts, however, it can be said that there is a real qualitative leap. Made concrete by the fact that the Premier League is currently the most famous and followed football tournament globally. With hundreds of millions of fans from all over the world willing to follow the races, week after week. Thus providing a very precious resonance chamber.

About Watford

Watford was founded in 1881, but he had to work hard to get to the upper floors of the football English. In particular it became known in the years 1977 to 1987 for having been chaired by Elton John. A real golden period during which the Hornets, this is the nickname by which its players are known, gave birth to an impressive growth. After passing from the fourth to the first series, in fact, they even managed to get there second in the standings, behind Liverpool, in 1982-83. Year in which the fleeting star of Luther Blisset, striker then moved to Milan before giving life to a rapid decline.
Since 2012 the club has belonged to the Pozzo family, the same one that has owned Udinese for a long time. Resembling a sort of elevator, perpetually poised between the Premier League and Champioship, the second division of English football.

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