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Waves avoids the collapse of the market and goes against the trend

Why does the token keep growing?

Il new collapse of the crypto market is currently affecting both the Bitcoin than the main ones cryptocurrency alternatives. In practice, not even one of the most famous tokens is saved, with particularly pronounced drops for Dogecoin (-9,37%), Ripple (-9,29%), Solana (-9,28%), Internet Computer (-12,26%), Iota (-8,55%), but not only.
In this vale of tears, a project stands out which had already been repeatedly reported in the past and which, precisely due to its intrinsic validity, had sparked sparks. It is about Waves, one of the best exponents of those digital assets that look to DeFi, decentralized finance, as its scope. Right in these hours, in fact the token is advancing against the trend, registering a growth of over 9% over the last day and close to 16% over the last week. Such as to arouse considerable curiosity.

token waves - Waves avoids the collapse of the market and goes against the trend

The intrinsic validity of Waves is guaranteed by the experts

The data we recalled, at a time when the entire market folds back, burning billions of dollars in terms of capitalization, certainly could not go unnoticed. Especially to those who do not intend to passively witness the loss of their capital and therefore seek profitable escape routes.
Waves could indeed be a good solution in this regard. According to the experts, in fact, it is precisely the project on which it was built that is extremely valid. Enough to be rewarded even in moments when sales are massive and panic spreads on cryptographic exchange platforms. But what are the factors that push the token against the trend, in this particular moment?

Why is it growing again, Waves?

Waves represents one of the most interesting decentralized finance projects ever, at least at the moment. To make it so is the ability to create your own tokens within the network, without any obligation to resort to smart contracts, which are however supported. In fact, it is enough to adopt a ready-made script to add functions to the cryptocurrency being created.
A modus operandi that allows even those without IT and cryptography skills to create their own project. A real leap in quality compared to what happens in other chains, as it in practice amplifies the potential catchment area.
Not only the great simplicity of use, however, but also the very low rates are able to entice users to take advantage of Waves. The transaction cost to be paid for the execution of a script is in fact around two cents. A paltry price, especially when compared to those of Bitcoin or EthereumBut not only.

The exchange of tokens on the internal DEX and the use of PoS

In addition to those already mentioned, Waves has two other characteristics of no small importance. Or:

  1. la possibility to exchange any token that follows the Waves protocol in an internal automatic DEX;
  2. the use of the consent algorithm Proof-of-Stake (PoS) within a system which also allows you to be able to lend money to complete nodes and receive remuneration in return.

A series of characteristics that immediately jumped to the eyes of the experts and that allowed the project to make its way, until reaching the 51st place in the ranking relating to the market capitalization of CoinMarketCap. Thus laying the groundwork for possible further growth over the next few weeks.

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