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West Bromwich Albion adopts blockchain ticketing

The Baggies are also open to technological innovation

Il West Bromwich Albion Football Club, a company participating in the Championship, or the second division of football English, he tightened a agreement with SecuTix, ticketing platform on blockchain. As a result, the club's ticketing service for the 2021-22 season will be carried out with the help of distributed ledger technology.
An agreement which was made necessary by the particular situation that football clubs from all over the globe are experiencing due to the devastating impact of Covid. Which has practically pulverized the box office receipts, at least in the season just ended.

West Bromwich Albion - West Bromwich Albion adopts blockchain-based ticketing

The need to maximize revenue

The new football season will see the public return to the stadiums. An anticipation in this sense came with the matches of Euro 2020, in particular those that saw the English national team on the pitch. During which the stadiums were reopened, despite great controversy.
The return of the fans, however, will have to be managed in the best possible way by the clubs. Also trying to cope with a number of problems related to ticket sales that had already emerged before the pandemic. For example in the form of falsification of coupons, or resale at enormously increased prices by authorized intermediaries.
To ensure the traceability and authenticity of the tickets, the WBA has now decided to give life to the agreement that provides for the use of TIXnGO, SecuTix's blockchain ticketing platform. With the aim of eliminating the possibility of fraud, double sales and improper resale of race tickets.

What does the agreement between WBA and SecuTix foresee

Tickets sold through TIXnGO will be encrypted and registered using the blockchain, thus eliminating the risk of their counterfeiting. Going this way to facilitate the resale and transfer of the ticket. In this way West Bromwich will have greater control over the secondary markets. Also being able to monitor suspicious activities in the resale phase and impose, if necessary, limits on the prices of the same.
It should also be emphasized how the TIXnGO app will also contain a Covid self-certification. Made necessary by the fact that the British government could try to control the situation by imposing the green pass to enter the stadiums.

For TIXnGO this is not new

For TIXnGO it is not the first collaboration of this kind. In fact, it had already been involved in the finals of the major continental competitions for club teams, namely the Champions and Europa League, in 2015. While theAjax, the most important company in the Eredivisie Dutch, had adopted it for the past season, imitated by the Lancashire County Cricket Club, who plays at Old Trafford. In both cases it was impossible to develop the agreement due to the closure of the stadiums.

About West Bromwich Albion

West Bromwich Albion is a club of considerable tradition. Founded in 1878, throughout its history it has played for the most part in the top division. A national title, that of 1919-20, five FA Cups, one League Cup and two Charity / Community Cups can be found on his showcase. The team plays in the stadium. The Hawthorns, built in 1900 and subjected to many renovations over time. The last of which, which took place in 2014, knocked down the capacity to just under 27 thousand spectators. Many fewer, therefore, of the 64.815 who supported the team in a race on March 6, 1937. That day I Baggies, as the WBA players are nicknamed, they beat Arsenal 3-1 in the quarter-finals of the FA Cup.

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