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XRP 30% growth: confirmation of new whales for the network

XRP grows about 30% thanks to new whales also confirmed by Santiment's graphs. All in the past 2 weeks.

ripple XRP - XRP 30% growth: confirmation of new whales for the network

XRP grew by 30%, and the number of addresses containing more than one million XRPs has seen a 3,7% increase. This is what has happened in the last two weeks according to what was also confirmed by the graphs of Santiment, who noted the appearance on the network of new 30 whales.

The new investors have purchased and own XRP for values ​​ranging from $ 240 to $ 2.4 million. An increasing number of purchases which has consequently also increased the price of the cryptocurrency. After several months in which the movements on the currency had been of little interest, the value of XRP went from just 0,19 dollars to 0,25 dollars, with a growth (in fact) of 30% in total. 

The growth in investments of such huge amounts has led some to ask themselves a question, namely: why they were pushed to buy Ripple? The amount of investment carried out on the coin led to the conquest of this currency of the third position on Coin Market Cap, again surpassing the position of Tether.

Recently, Ripple, has received recognition from the Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection of the USA, at the time of a bill dedicated to cross-border payments. This week Craig DeWitt, the Director of Product, also announced a new platform for payments that will be based on XRP.

Large investors are increasingly interested in different digital assets. During a discussion that saw the participation of David Schwartz the CTO of Ripple and Barry Eichengreen profession of Economic Sciences at the University of California, has allowed us to underline how investors are getting closer and closer to the various digital assets that are at the moment a response to the threat from inflation.

Some people are considering the increase in market liquidity as a system that will lead to hyperinflation, for this reason investment opportunities are sought that allow to keep this value intact, in case the dollar price were to rise suddenly. Digital assets therefore become increasingly in demand as a hedge against inflation problems.

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