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ZCash, Electric Coin Company tries to clarify

zcash - ZCash, Electric Coin Company tries to clarify

As you know, there are virtual coins that lend themselves in an excellent way to guarantee robust doses of confidentiality to their users. Profiles such as to indicate them with the name of privacy corners, a category in which they reside in particular Monero, Dash e ZCash.
Which, however, precisely because of this propensity are now indicated as the ideal propellant for operations aimed at obscuring dirty funds and leading to their washing and subsequent recycling, as well as to support illegal trafficking such as weapons, drugs and human beings .
If it was once the Bitcoin to be accused in this sense, today the creation attributed to Satoshi Nakamoto was practically cleared of the accusations, as lacking in terms of effective privacy. While privacy coins end up under the magnifying glass of cyber security companies.
So much to push finally Electric Coin Company, the foundation that oversees the development of ZCash to ask for a report aimed at shedding some light on the matter.

The Rand Corporation report

The study commissioned by the Electric Coin Company was drafted and published by Rand Corporation. It goes to consider the use cases of Zcash (ZEC) for illicit and criminal purposes, in particular the expenses made with this token within digital black markets, including one of the most famous, called Berlusconi Market.
The report is composed of 65 pages, extremely detailed, and states that the operations in which ZCash predominates are money laundering (34%), the payment of goods and services on the black market (28%) with terrorism closing the podium (18%).

How does ZCash exit the report?

How does ZCash come out of the Rand Corporation report? Pretty well, considered as generally not representing the crypto most used for illicit purposes: in the first place we find Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) with 59%, followed by Monero (XMR) with 27% and Ethereum (ETH) with 12%. ZCash is used only by 1% of the criminals operating on the web.
It can be deduced that, while on the one hand ZEC is highly regarded for the profiles of anonymity that it is able to guarantee, at the same time very few people who actually use it, clearly preferring the traditional Bitcoin.
It remains to be seen whether this preference is also due to the fact that BTC promises to increase its value over time. A guarantee that ZCash is currently unable to guarantee.

Reality is often different from theory

The study in question breaks a long series of myths and significantly shuffles the cards. On the one hand, it confirms that Bitcoin, while revealing critical issues in terms of anonymity, continues to be the most used cryptocurrency in illegal transactions (which, however, could prove beneficial for those wishing to carry out investigations through digital forensics techniques). On the other seems to exonerate Dash and ZCash, which instead for years had been accused of being widely used in the Dark Web. With obvious relief from the Electric Coin Company, which finally sees the honor of its creation restored.

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