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Zcash intends to increase the level of privacy

Thesis, the work group that also deals with the development of Zcash, has made public his new proposal on the ecosystem and the blockchain di ZEC. The main purpose of the elaborated material would be interoperability between blockchains, in particular with that of Cosmos, and the achieving a higher level of privacy.
To better understand the importance of the proposal, it is necessary to remember how Zcash is now known due to the higher levels in this sense that it manages to ensure respect Bitcoin and Ethereum. A technical advantage that has allowed this token to magnetize the favor of a large community of cryptofans.

The Thesis proposal

Thesis is a team already known in the world of cryptography for having created TBTC, a sidechain linked to the Bitcoin blockchain, but built leveraging Ethereum. In this case, the proposed plan does not consist of a real roadmap, but of a series of priorities to be achieved during its development.
The first point involves connecting Zcash to the other chains, to then ensure that it is accessible by the censorship-resistant DEX. To do it it is necessary to create a tZEC, or a sidechain linked to the Ethereum blockchain, chosen precisely for the fact that it has proposed a series of new features that make it easier to access DEX based on the blockchain of ETH in order to create solutions with collateralised assets, as already happens with MakerDAO.

The decision is up to the Zcash Foundation

As you can easily imagine, such a complex proposal needs adequate fundsi, in order to be able to develop the plan in the best possible way, without causing technical problems. It should also be emphasized that a proposal such as the one put forward by Thesis can lead to the creation of a new stablecoin with UDA (user-defined assets).
Thesis will take on the task of bringing it to a successful conclusion to do so, he asks to have 25% of what will be collected if your proposal was accepted by the Zcash Foundation.

The recent Zcash upgrade

Thesis's plan is yet another novelty in a period that sees Zcash at the center of significant transformations. Just in these hours, in fact, the token is subject to a third update of the network, as a result of which transaction confirmation times should be reduced, making the system faster and more scalable. Blossom, this is the name given to the upgrade, should in particular double the capacity of the network, increasing the frequency of the blocks and making the user experience better. As far as end users are concerned, the operation does not require their involvement, as the process is only intended to affect the generation of the blocks.
It should also be noted that the upgrade was not made necessary by network functioning problems, which so far has not highlighted speed problems, but by the potential development of scalability. In practice it is one move aimed at developers who are working on new apps, who choose which network to base themselves on also on the basis of their perception regarding its future scalability.

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